Legend of Zelda Tri-Force Light


This licensed Legend of Zelda Tri-Force Light will be perfect for any Zelda fan as a Christmas or Birthday gift.

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We’ve been searching for the Triforce of Courage for some time. We rented a horse and made sure to acquire a sword from an old man who lives in a cave. We smashed tons of pots, hacked away plenty of tall grass and we’ve even ventured into a dungeon or two. We even defeated that evil fax machine in the coffee room, but alas, no Triforce. We were beginning to think that we’d never get our hands on one, but then a miracle happened! We found this Legend of Zelda Triforce light.The second you lay eyes on this Zelda Triforce lamp, a little trumpet of 8-bit music might start playing in your head (you know, the one that goes doo, doo, dooooo). It looks just like the complete Triforce from the video game series, which means it has the Triforce of Courage, Wisdom and Power, packed into a single lamp. When it gets dark out, you can just turn it on to be surrounded by the warm glow of the Triforce.

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