Luigi Adult Accessory Kit


We all know Mario just wouldn’t be able to pull off all of his epic adventures if it wasn’t for Luigi. Now you can be Mario’s laid back and level headed brother with this Luigi Adult Accessory Kit.

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Being a plumber is awesome! It’s not all fixing leaky pipes and unclogging drains. Sometimes you get to go on adventures with your brother. Sometimes you get to save princesses from the Mushroom Kingdom. Sometimes you get to touch magic flowers that turn you into a fire-shooting superhero… or at least that’s what years of playing Super Mario Bros games has taught us!Yes, being a plumber means fighting Bowser and insane Mario Kart racing, but if you plan on heading on those sorts of adventures, then you’re going to need a look to match your newfound career! This Luigi adult accessory kit comes with great pieces that will have you ready to step into the role of the Nintendo character. The hat is bright green and has an appliqued “L” on the front. The gloves are white and have a cartoon style. The mustache is the finishing piece, which gives you the Italian plumbers fabulous facial hair.

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