Nintendo Pokemon Adult Pikachu Kigurumi


Go to bed comfy, dressed as your favorite little yellow mouse Pokemon Adult Pikachu Kigurumi. Keep your body free and comfy with this clever kigurumi. This warm and comfortable costume will make you never want to take it off.

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Pika-Choose PikachuIn the original games, you had 3 choices. You could choose Squirtle, the perky little water Pokemon. You could choose Bulbasaur, the plucky plant creature with an onion on his back. Or, you could choose Charmander, the little lizard with a fiery tail. Sure, those were all fun Pokemon, but that’s not the Pokemon that everyone wanted (especially if they ever saw an episode of the anime). Of course, what everyone REALLY wanted was to be like Ash. They wanted the best Pokemon of them all, Pikachu! He scurried alongside Ash through thick and thin, he could beat Pokemon that totally outmatched him, and he even knew how to foil Team Rocket like a little champ. Why would you want any other Pokemon as your starter?Well, now you can choose Pikachu as your starter… pajama set! This Pokemon Pikachu Kigurumi will have you feeling as cozy as a Pikachu!Product DetailsThis cozy kigurumi is a Japanese-style pajama costume that’s comfy for taking naps and doubles as a great costume to wear to your next costume party. It’s an ultra-soft jumpsuit made out of bright yellow fabric that matches the look of the little yellow critter from the video games. Just slip into it, fasten the line of buttons down the front, and you’re ready for a light snooze. The pajama costume even comes with a character hood, which has a pair of ears on top and Pikachu’s face designed onto the front. Just flip it up and you’ll be ready to cosplay the one and only Pikachu!It’s a Pikachu PartyYou can indulge in your inner electric-type Pokemon when you wear these Pikachu pajamas. They might not give you the ability to Thundershock your enemies, but you’ll be able to battle your foes with cuteness and coziness when you suit up in this costume!

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