Pikachu Jumpsuit Adult Costume


Now is your chance to become one of the most beloved Pokemon with this officially licensed Pikachu Jumpsuit Adult Costume. It’s also super comfy!

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You have been wandering around your town, phone in hand, swiping up and down, chasing each pikachu down as best you can, right? You know which locations they tend to hang around in, and what time of day is best, but you just can’t get enough of them, huh? Already you have a pokedex just full to the brim with these cute little electrical rodents, but something is still missing…you need a more in-depth pikachu experience.Well, trust us, we have the perfect solution for you. Just throw on this Pikachu Jumpsuit Adult Costume and forget about collecting pikachus–you can become one of the most famous power packed pokemon this side of the Kanto region. This jumpsuit has everything you need to become one with your herd (flock? Warren? We’re not entirely sure) of the most famous starter of all time: the red cheeks where the electrical sacks go, the adorable black-tipped ears, the large eyes, the unmistakable yellow coat! When you wear this comfortable disguise, you’ll be all set to conquer Cerulean Gym, or just lounge around on your couch, grinding your way to the Elite Four.Just a word of advice: watch out for Pewter Gym, those rock types…you know, they’re tough on you electric pokemon. Either way, enjoy the comfort of this full jumpsuit and the inclusion it gives you into the pikachu pack (pod? dray?). Just make sure the 3-D stuffed tail doesn’t “tail whip” anyone by accident, you don’t need to inadvertently start a pokebattle…Unless of course, you run across Gary. By all means, always do your best to aggravate that bully.

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