Plus Size Deluxe Donkey Kong Costume


This Plus Size Deluxe Donkey Kong Costume for men is perfect for games who love this Nintendo character.

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Before anger management classes, Donkey Kong used to steal some poor sap’s girlfriend and start hurling barrels at plumbers. Now, after a 16-hour online class, he’s got his life together and has found more constructive ways to channel his aggression. These days, he spends his days Mariokarting! If you’re trying to turn a new leaf like your main gorilla, then you might want to try wearing this DK costume, grabbing a banana and relaxing with a high speed kart race.If you’d like to know the first step to getting yourself into a high octane kart, well, it’s easy. Just get this plus size Donkey Kong costume. It’s officially licensed from Nintendo, and has all the signature character details that you know and love. It’s the coolest way to get some Nintendo style into your life, and if you happen to be piloting a racer around town, well, you’re going to look pretty sharp when you’re cruising with this furry suit on!

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