Pokemon Adult Eevee Kigurumi


This Pokemon Adult Eevee Kigurumi is cozy, cute and perfect for a costume party, for curling up on the couch, or for a night on the town with your crazy besties! Power up your Pokemon game with this amazing Kigurumi!

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Evolutionary PressureBy now you’ve obviously heard about the most popular Pokémon out there, taking down Pikachu as the official mascot and easily overcoming even Squirtle and Charizard’s epic station in PokéHistory. Eevee is all that, these days, and we can’t think of a better Pokémon to steal the title of the Most Beloved Pocket Monster! Just look at those giant eyes and the furry collar around its neck! Not even Cubone’s sad story can distract us from this huggable critter. But, Eevee does have one real problem that it faces every day. It is one that you can probably relate to. So much pressure to decide how it is going to evolve! Just because it is known as the Evolutionary Pokémon, everyone assumes that it needs to change. Well, c’mon, folks! What’s wrong with this adorable Pokémon just the way it is!? Perhaps you can feel the same pressure to adapt and change. Swap careers, choose your investment options. What’s for dinner tonight!?Fun DetailsUgh, it is time to just relax and there’s no better way to do that than to embrace a Normal-type life with this officially licensed Eevee Kigurumi. First off, this is probably the most comfy kind of attire that exists. Why we have to wear anything that isn’t a fleece jumpsuit with rib knit cuffs is beyond us. Perfect for snuggling up to a nap and totally socially acceptable work attire, we think! The oversized hood features Eevee’s smiling face and the color scheme is pure joy. Just Be You!The best part of embracing your inner Eevee is the knowledge that you’re still the most popular Pokémon out there even if you don’t evolve to one of your epic forms. That can happen any day, so it’s time to relax and enjoy life for a few levels. That is, after all, how you learn the best moves anyway! 

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