Pokemon Ash Ketchum Sunglasses


This pair of Ash Ketchum character sunglasses are perfect for Pokemon fans.

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We’ve always wondered how Ash Ketchum not only catches the best Pokemon, but also looks so effortlessly suave while doing so. He’ll capture a Charizard and make it look like he’s catching a flopping (and dimwitted) Magikarp. We think it may have something to do with his cool sense of style. Ash always looks so put-together wearing faded jeans, lace up sneakers, and his famous red and white hat. If you want to look like Ash the next time you’re hunting, then you need these sunglasses.Next time you venture out to catch ALL the Pokemon, we urge you to wear these Pokemon Ash Ketchum sunglasses. Not only will you look like the popular anime character, but these shades have an attached hat so your eyes won’t be affected by the sun. You’ll be able to see all the Pokemon in your vicinity and you’ll be able to catch ’em all…in style!

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