Women’s Mario Skirt Costume


Who said Mario can’t be attractive? Break the stereotype with this Women’s Mario Skirt Costume.

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 OMG Becky! Mario totally got a makeover! My, my, my it really is a wonder what a new outfit and a little bit of lipgloss can do. We really don’t know what sparked this transformation, but we have to admit that we are loving the new changes. It’s no surprise that we are big fans of drastic makeovers (we are in the Halloween biz, after all) and Mario’s transformation is one of the most drastic we’ve seen. We applaud everything about it from the new and improved newsboy hat to the fresh pair of red heels. It has crossed our minds to ask Mario what inspired this striking makeover, but we decided against it. Why question a good thing, and besides if we had to guess, we bet it has something to do with upstaging that incessant troll Browser. But don’t worry about it honey, no one in the Mushroom Kingdom will overshadow you now.This women’s Mario skirt costume will make you ditch your overalls for a cute jumper. No more wearing uncomfortable slacks that ride up; this skirt is pleated and flouncy, creating an extremely feminine silhouette. The red undershirt is attached to the jumper and features puffy capped sleeves. Complete the look by wearing the included foam hat and fiberfill-stuffed gloves. Now strut your way into Bowser’s castle like Mushroom Kingdom’s next top model and show that overgrown turtle who the real boss is!                 

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