Zelda Tri-Force Mirror


Decorate your space with this Zelda Tri-Force mirror.

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5 Things to Say to YourselfEvery day is a struggle, especially when all the people of Hyrule are counting on you to save them from impending doom at the hands of Ganondorf. It’s quite the heavy burden for anyone to bear! That’s why we’ve put together this short list of inspirational phrases to say to yourself while looking into this Zelda Tri-Force Mirror.I can do it. – Despite facing some pretty lopsided odds, you’ll be able to defeat the big baddie threatening your kingdom!I am special. – After all, not just anyone can wield the Tri-Force of Courage.I am kind. – How many other people would go out of their way to collect all those bugs for Agitha?I am enough. – I don’t need a whole bag full of magical items to finish my quest. (Okay, so maybe sometimes you do.)I look really snazzy when wearing a green hat. – You do and you need to make sure to tell yourself that.Of course, you could just use this collectible Zelda mirror as a display piece in your collection…Fun DetailsThis Zelda Tri-Force Mirror is made of acrylic and it’s shaped into the legendary Tri-Force. It has Zelda, Link and Ganondorf on each corner of the mirror and the Hylian symbol in the middle. It comes with wall-mounting, but the mounting hardware is NOT included.

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